Quick Tips on How to Score Cheap International Flights!

It’s a pretty safe assumption to say that I am travel obsessed. I spend a significant amount of time planning trips and scouring the web for flight deals. I have had talks with countless people who are astonished that I am able to travel as often as I do. Hint: It’s because I get fantastic deals! Gone are the days of saving for your dream destination only to have spent your budget before you land. After snagging a recent deal to Sydney, Australia for $450 round trip and Barcelona, Spain for $380, I figured I would share some of my tips on how to score cheap, international flights!

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What’s In My International Carry-on?

Normally I’m a girl who understands the importance of minimalist travel. Plan accordingly and don’t take more than you need! I can remember the words, “It’s never cute to schlep” being ingrained in me as a child from a mother who ALWAYS checked her luggage for fear of not looking cute while strolling through the airport. For me, however, international travel is a bit of a different story. I overpack my carry-on a tad. It’s just something about 13 hours in the air that makes me want to be prepared for any and everything. Keep reading! I share some of my travel necessities and I hope it helps you prepare for your next international flight, even if you do have to schlep a bit!

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Smart Luggage: My Review of the Raden A22 Suitcase

When I first learned of Raden suitcases, I knew I had to have one. Being smart luggage, they weigh themselves, track themselves, charge your devices, are virtually indestructible and look good too! However, with a hefty price tag of $295, this suitcase had a lot to live up to. I received the Raden A22 (the smaller carry-on) recently as a gift and just had my first flight with it. Keep reading to see if this luggage brand lives up to the hype.

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