How to Experience Elephants in Thailand, Cruelty-Free!

Life changing… Yep, life changing is the word I would use to describe the opportunity to be up close and personal with these massive beauties. Getting to feel each hair on their rough skin, learn about the meaning behind each wrinkle on their trunks, and the ability to look so deep into their big, dark eyes that you can see their entire life’s past is an experience I will never forget. Those eyes showed years of pain and sorrow that they are now free from living life in an elephant sanctuary.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it- the thing that you must do when traveling to Thailand is ride an elephant. As I began researching and creating my perfect Thailand itinerary, it was then that I realized how big elephants are to the tourism industry in Thailand. And big elephants mean big money. Continue reading How to Experience Elephants in Thailand, Cruelty-Free!