Having Afternoon Tea in Chicago at The Allis: Soho House

Forget white glove service and fancy white tablecloths. Forget perfection and luxury. Actually, forget just about everything you may be accustomed to when it comes to traditional afternoon tea, and what you are left with is quite possibly the best place for tea service in Chicago and definitely my fave.

Soho House, around the world, is known as an exclusive, members only club. A reservation for tea at The Allis, however, is your ticket to a glimpse of the posh world that is Soho House. Once you enter this hip, urban space, you quickly see how different The Allis is from any place you have ever had tea. Wood floors and furniture, sparkly chandeliers, and oriental rugs and mismatched, upholstered chairs that have both seen better days make this place surprisingly…cool.

After checking in at the host stand and being seated, you are given a menu to have your choice of sparkling or regular afternoon tea. After selecting your tea, the goodies are brought out. Now, I have a TON of dietary restrictions and this is the only place that is able to accomadate them all without batting an eye. I mean, no meat, no nuts, no chocolate. It’s a lot but it has never been a problem. They even have a gluten-free menu if requested! With an abundance of lemon tarts, cream puffs, panna cotta, scones, and the traditional egg salad and smoked salmon sandwiches, you certainly leave feeling more than satisfied. I never have to request a thing, the servers know exactly what to bring… Sugar cubes, milk, lemon, it’s there. Oh, and the best part, you get all of this for under $35! The Allis is the perfect place to people watch for a relaxing day by yourself or to gather for a celebration with friends. It is definitely a must visit and I’m sure it won’t be long before it becomes a favorite for you too.

xoxo Jordan


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