48 Hours in Sonoma, CA

Northern California is such a beautiful place to visit. Since the bf had to cover the NBA finals in Oakland, I decided to tag along and turn his work trip into a quick, weekend couple’s trip to Wine Country. 48 hours isn’t nearly enough time to see and do everything but here is how to try and make the most of it.

Day 1: Continue reading 48 Hours in Sonoma, CA


Having Afternoon Tea in Chicago at The Allis: Soho House

Forget white glove service and fancy white tablecloths. Forget perfection and luxury. Actually, forget just about everything you may be accustomed to when it comes to traditional afternoon tea, and what you are left with is quite possibly the best place for tea service in Chicago and definitely my fave. Continue reading Having Afternoon Tea in Chicago at The Allis: Soho House

The Sweet Gems of… Cleveland, Ohio?

Alright, I must say, I would have never guessed that Cleveland, Ohio has gems, but after a recent trip there, I’m pleased to say that I found a few!

I am obsessed with sweets! Unsurprisingly, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day because I’m able to satisfy my terrible sweet tooth before my day truly begins. My favorite thing about exploring a new city is finding a great breakfast spot and in Cleveland, I found Jack Flaps! The cozy, white brick interior was the perfect contrast to the urban, somewhat dilapidated street just steps away. With modest signage, this place is truly a hidden gem. The menu was right up my alley with sweet dishes on one side and savory on the other. Knowing myself, I knew exactly which side to choose. So many unique options including candied jalapeño “jackflaps”with salted caramel coffee crumble, limoncello “eggy bread” with black pepper basil syrup, and raspberry crisp Continue reading The Sweet Gems of… Cleveland, Ohio?